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The consulate-general in Sydney has informed us of the following regarding DigiD applications: "I have the pleasure to inform you about a new service that can be provided by the Consulate-General in Sydney.
It is now possible for Dutch citizens abroad to apply for a DigiD and receive the login code at the counter of a Dutch mission. In Australia that mission is the Consulate-General in Sydney. DigiD is a digital personal login code, combined with a password which enables you to request services from several authorities in the Netherlands. For example the tax office, de Social Security Bank SVB, pension funds, municipal authorities, the Educational Finance Service DUO etc. if you contact them through the internet with a DigiD they can be sure they are dealing with you.
I send you this information as you are in contact with a group, an association or a club with Dutch citizens. Please find below the link which applicants should use before they visit the Consulate-General in Sydney.

To avoid confusion: you cannot apply for a DigiD at the Consulate-General. But if you do the application through the website, the Consulate-General can provide you with the first login code. Therefore it is required to visit the Consulate-General in person and identify yourself with your valid Dutch passport to obtain this login code. However, the website through which you will apply for a DigiD is in Dutch only (our official language). Anyone who doesn’t understand the Dutch language is advised to ask someone who does to help her/him."


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